Tansun Sapphire  Hire and sales

Tansun Sapphire Hire and sales

Introducing the Tansun Sapphire.  An elegant home sunshower with the very latest features. This is the most advanced home tanning unit available anywhere! All models are fitted with the latest “state of the art” 0.3 lamps powered by super lightweight

Home Sunbed Hire

Home Sunbed Hire

Electronic LOW RUNNING COST  Sunbed Hire including Canopies and Doubles, Vertical Sunshower . Please check the delivery map before calling.    

Domestic  Sunbed Sales

Domestic Sunbed Sales

We can supply the very latest LOW running cost efficient domestic tanning sunbed units for Home use or small salon at very competitive prices.    

Commercial Sales

Commercial Sales

Sunbeds by Tansun We now offer  Sales, leasing options on Tansun sunshowers .   We do not rent! There are various ways to have a sunbed in your salon …. Out right purchase is the other obvious option but few can

Safe Tan 0.3 Compliant Lamps

Safe Tan 0.3 Compliant Lamps

  So, what is the 0.3 sunbed lamp all about?   The 0.3 law  means from 25 cm a  sunbed should not exceed the UVB pressure levels of that of the midday sun in the Mediterranean which happens to be

The Benefits of Regular Tanning

Getting a Tan is not all about looking good.  If you really look at the truth about tanning and disregard the media propaganda you will understand that the benefits of regular tanning sessions by far outweigh the risks of not

Tansun Vitesse Infra-Tan

Tansun Vitesse Infra-Tan Sunbed has had ground-breaking research and developments in paving the way for other commercial vertical sunbeds to follow. With Tansun Having vast expertise in Infrared technology, Tansun the manufacture has been able to produce the most unique

Tansun Vitesse

Tansun Sunbeds has completed superior technology and outstanding performance is all the important aspects which make the difference between an ordinary tanning sunbed and an exceptional one. Every vertical tanning sunbed tansun manufacture has unique details which make it optional

Tansun Viva

Tansun’s Viva Sunbed, offers vertical tanning technology, high quality design, durable construction and outstanding tanning performance are, incorporated in this vertical tanning unit from Tansun. The Tansun Viva sunbed offers an unsurpassable tanning experience. It is shorter than most commercial

Tansun Symphony

Tansun’s Symphony Sunbed, is the UK’s Number one commercial vertical sunbed. Designed for discerning individuals who want a stylish sunbed which offers unsurpassed tanning results. Supreme quality and technically superior design ensure that the Tansun Symphony sunbed will not disappoint