Commercial Sales

Commercial Sales

Sunbeds by Tansun

We now offer  Sales, leasing options on Tansun sunshowers .   We do not rent!

There are various ways to have a sunbed in your salon ….

Out right purchase is the other obvious option but few can afford the initial outlay to fit out a salon.

We can offer a 3 or 5 year lease purchase

If you lease then you get to buy the equipment over a set period using a formula something like   £27 per each thousand borrowed x 5 years per month or £35 per thousand borrowed  x 3 years per month.

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Introducing the 2M Sapphire

This 24 tube unit is designed for Light use  small salon or boutique .  The sapphire assembles in 10 minutes, runs on 2 x 13 amp sockets ( no need for special wiring or fuses) and takes up a tiny  81 x 81 cm of space it can easily be pushed into a corner with little effort .  The Sapphire colour options are  black and grey.  Other features include,  its own built-in floor and a powerful ceiling fan and side fans. This is a very low maintenance unit,  spare parts for this machine are also very low should things fail out of warranty.  Changing pod is also available  .

The cost of this unit is £3700 with a token operated timer .

The home version of this is £3500 has regular spring timers ( no token box )

both have solid adjustable floors

Comes fitted with 0.3 lamps as standard.

LOW RUNNING COSTS @ 24p per 10 min 

  • Tubes            24 x 180W 0.3
  • Voltage          230V~50Hz
  • Connection     2 x 13A 3 pin plug
  • Total power  4.4kW (19.1A)
  • Dimensions   81 cm x 221 cm




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